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Review: Anomaly by Tonya Kuper

Anomaly - Tonya Kuper

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review


Anomaly is an interesting, fun read. Full of science, action, and humor, this is a fast-paced novel with a rather original plot line. I think it's safe to say there was never really a dull moment during this story.


I loved Josie. Super smart, sassy, snarky, and a self-proclaimed dork, she is one of the best heroines I've come across this year. You can get an idea of her personality from the book blurb. Yeah, every scene from her POV reads like that. Josie is a quick learner and quick on the uptake,,, no one needs to explain anything to her twice.


Love interest/protector Reid is also quite smart, strong, and completely devoted to Josie. He carries some secrets as most male protags do, and these secrets complicate his relationship with Josie. Though he is supposed to be her teacher and protector, of course he falls hard for her. Reid's sidekick Santiago provides lots of humor when things get dicey.


I enjoyed the plot, it was different from others in the genre. While I loved the geek references, after a while they got a tad annoying... but that's Josie-- she is obsessed with geek culture. The relationship between Josie and Reid was sweet and I liked them as a couple. POV shifts between the two, so the reader has much more info than we'd receive from just one POV. The ending made me a touch sad, but I can't go into the 'whys' without spoilers. Overall this is an enjoyable read with a great female main character.