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Review: Kate Triumph by Shari Arnold

Kate Triumph - Shari Arnold

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Kate Triumph is a YA paranormal with suspense, romance, and mystery. The plot is a bit different from what I'm used to seeing in the paranormal genre, so that's refreshing.

Kate is a tough character to like,  but she's also hard to hate. She is different, and as a result she doesn't make friends easily. Due to constant rejection, Kate is distant with everyone... more for self-preservation than a desire to be alone. The story begins with a bang (well a fire) and keeps running at high speed from there. I swear, things were happening so quickly I got confused at times and felt in need of a rest.

Ms. Arnold's writing style is concise and builds tension well, which in turn will keep the reader turning the pages. I found myself drawn more to the plot as a whole than the characters themselves. I never really connected with any of them other than Jonah (whose presence confused me for a great deal of the novel). I liked the move in setting from San Diego to Seattle-- the rain and fog created more eerie suspense.

Overall, I enjoyed Kate Triumph. It was a fun story, with a rather intriguing premise. The romance was sweet, if not a bit rushed-- but I've never minded infatuation at first sight. Though I didn't connect with main character Kate, I still wanted to read more about her. The twisting plot as it unfolded was enough to keep me reading right through lunch.