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Review: Wagon Train Cinderella

Wagon Train Cinderella - Shirley Kennedy
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Wagon Train Cinderella is a fast-paced read with lots of adventure and sweet romance. I haven't read a book from this time period in a long time, and I really enjoyed the rich history. Keep in mind, everything isn't all sunshine and roses-- after all the story does take place among a wagon train heading West.
But since it is a romance at heart, you know that no matter what is thrown at main character Callie, she will come out okay. That's rather important since the author brings up the ill-fated Donner party early on. Not a direction I want my romance reads to take...
At the beginning I only felt sympathy for Callie. Abandoned by her mother, mistreated by the family who took her in... it was awful. And the poor thing put up with it since it was all she ever knew. But wow, did that girl grow a backbone quickly. She became a formidable woman and a character I grew to admire.
The story flows quickly, taking it's roots from the fairy tale Cinderella. But Callie didn't have a fairy godmother-- she grew all on her own through blood, sweat, and tears, along with a deep sense of duty and what's right. I enjoyed the pacing as well as the plot. Callie changed very fast, which was for the best since she was hard to take as a meek mouse.
If you like fairy tales and sweet romance, coupled with the adventure of a wagon train journey, be sure to check out Wagon Train Cinderella. Don't let the cover fool you-- there are no balls for this Cinderella. Just a ton of hard work and some good old-fashioned gumption.