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Review: Seduce by Jennifer Snyder

Seduce (A Succubus Kiss Novel, Book One) - Jennifer Snyder
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review
Seduce is a fun, fast-paced supernatural story featuring characters that I really enjoyed reading about. I adored the supernatural world created by Ms. Snyder, along with the variety of paranormal beings all mixing together.
Kenna was sarcastic and I loved her thoughts. Though she was a demon, a succubus, she seemed to care about people and had a conscience. Because she can seriously harm a human male, Kenna must seek a man from the supernatural community. She has to feed on men to survive, but she doesn't enjoy it. I liked the scene toward the beginning where she put a cheating man in his place.
Dex, the comic-relief werewolf, was my favorite character. The things that popped out of his mouth kept me laughing. I wish he was featured more in the story. I'm on the fence about romantic interest Randall. He was an older vampire (supposedly the inspiration for Dracula) with a very sexy vibe. The first meeting between Kenna and Randall was quite amusing. I just never felt the draw toward him that Kenna seemed to, which made the romance less exciting for me.
The ending was rather abrupt and left me groaning in frustration. I hate being left hanging (but that's a personal hang-up). I enjoyed the fast-paced story and the characters quite a bit. If you like paranormal romance with strong female leads, then I think you'll like Kenna's story.