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Review: A Ghostly Undertaking by Tonya Kappes

A Ghostly Undertaking - Tonya Kappes

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

If I could see ghosts, the last place I'd want to work would be a funeral home... but main character Emma Lee wasn't so lucky. After a bonk on the head by a decorative Santa Claus, she can now see and hear ghosts as clear as though they were alive. Unfortunately, since the funeral home is the family business, she can't even leave. Makes for some pretty humorous scenes :)

I read this on the beach while on vacation in San Diego. It was light, funny, and interesting enough to keep my attention through the noise of my fellow beach-goers. With summer rapidly approaching, I'm always on the lookout for great vacation reads, and A Ghostly Undertaking fit the bill.

I really enjoyed the characters in this novel- they were quirky and fun to read about. I immediately connected with Emma Lee as she dealt with her annoying sister, vindictive granny, and riotously funny murder victim. Ms. Kappes did an amazing job creating an array of unique, intriguing characters.

The story was fast-paced with lots of witty dialogue which I always love. I enjoyed Ms. Kappes writing style- everything flowed smoothly from one scene to the next as Emma Lee played detective in an attempt to solve Ruthie's murder. I also liked romantic interest Jack, the town sheriff- he was the only one who believed Emma was seeing ghosts and not suffering from "funeral trauma".

Overall I enjoyed A Ghostly Undertaking. I loved the paranormal mixed with cozy mystery aspect. Fun characters, some humor and romance, along with a quirky murder victim made it an interesting read.