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Descendants of the Rose by Juliette Harper

Descendants of the Rose (The Selby Jensen Paranormal Mysteries Book 1) - Juliette Harper

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

I really enjoyed this fun, fast-paced paranormal mystery. It's funny- when I first started reading Descendants of the Rose, I wasn't sure if I was going to like Selby. Since the story is told from her point of view, in her voice, that would be a big issue. She started out rough and gritty, but she really grew on me quickly.

The cast of characters were rather quirky making this a fun story even when the subject matter became serious. And it did become rather serious, especially toward the end. Though macabre, I did like the plot, especially the link to the roses and the history of the girls' school.

Selby was tough, yet soft. Yeah, I know, hard to explain. She was sarcastic, yet kind, angry, yet forgiving-- at times she was a study in conflicting emotions. She'd been hurt one too many times and preferred keeping company with the dead. In this paranormal world, ghosts have lots of power. In some ways it almost seemed better to be a ghost than living. Her best friend Helen seemed to be having the time of her life afterlife.

I appreciated the fast pace. In fact there never was much of a lull in the entire story. Lots of action along with research and investigation-- all of it interesting. I'd have to say the best thing about this novel was the characters and the potential for more. They were all quite intriguing. It will be interesting to see how they grow and work together as the series continues. I'll definitely be watching for book 2.