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Review - Settle by Brina Courtney

Settle (Cryptid Tales 3) - Brina Courtney

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Settle is the third book in the Cryptid Tales series. Warning, do not read this one without reading book #1, Reveal and book #2 Capture. This is not a standalone novel, and I guarantee you'll be lost without reading the first two books. Please see my review of Reveal & Capture for more regarding the background and characters.

Once again, we follow Shay and Hugh on their journey to find Shay's missing father. The reader is finally treated to answers to many questions that have accumulated through the last two books. As Shay follows leads to find her father, more and more secrets are revealed. I liked the fact that Lacey and Craig made a reappearance in this book, though, I could have done without Chad and Olivia. Both characters are rather annoying.
The plot moves at a lightning fast pace, just like the first two books which makes for a rather exciting read. Poor Shay doesn't have any downtime in this frenetic ride. The book changes points of view once in a while, so the reader is treated to Hugh's thoughts. Man is that boy addicted to Shay. The backstory surrounding the cryptids is complicated, and I still feel a bit confused about so many things.
The end is satisfying, I really enjoyed it. I like the way Brina Courtney gave the reader a great ending with Shay and Hugh, while still leaving things a bit open to continue the story. I recommend Settle to everyone high school and up that enjoys a fast paced paranormal romance.