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Review - Hopeless For You by Hayden Hill

Hopeless For You - Hayden Hill

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Hopeless For You is a new adult contemporary romance with more than just a side of adventure. The story alternates points of view between characters Ash and Kade, giving the reader insight into both of these broken souls. Honestly I haven't read about two people more deserving of love in quite a while.

Ash has been mourning the death of her fiancée for eighteen months. She still wears his ring around her neck, stumbling through her life in a guilt and grief induced haze. When her best friend Gina insists on an internship in the wilds of Canada, Ash agrees, hoping it will help her move on with her life. Though Ash is emotionally broken, she still comes across as a strong character. Deep within she possesses admirable courage. She just has to figure out how to tap into it.
Kade has been drifting through life after he's scarred by a traumatic event with a girlfriend. He's been seeking the solace and freedom he finds as a volunteer rescuing and tracking falcons in the Canadian wilderness. Kade is afraid to trust anyone to the point that he won't allow anyone close. When he meets Ash, he feels an instant attraction to her but does what he always does and pushes her away. These two are so busy coming up with reasons not to be together, it's hard not to scream in frustration.
I love the plot of this novel. Escaping to a conservation camp in the middle of the British Columbian woods to monitor peregrine falcons sounds awesome. Kade and Ash get more than they bargained for on a field excursion into the wilds, and it's just the push they need to get past their internal roadblocks. The descriptions are beautiful, drawing the reader into the lush forest. Dialogue between the characters is witty and fun.
If you like contemporary romance with a heavy dose of adventure and a splash of humor, be sure to add Hopeless For You to your to-read list.