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Review - Unfed by Kirsty McKay

Unfed - Kirsty McKay

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*


Unfed is the sequel to the novel Undead. I highly recommend reading Undead first or I fear the reader will be too lost to fully grasp the plot of this novel. Poor Bobby, after her harrowing school trip fighting the undead infected with the Osiris virus, she falls right into another sticky situation filled with not only Undead but crazy homicidal soldiers. I love this cover, though I don't think it represents the book all that well.

 I love Bobby, she's so snarky and funny. She's also quite the kick-ass heroine. Bobby is not one to stand back while others fight. She wakes up from a six week coma ready to kick some Undead butt, escape from her current prison, and find Smitty. And she will accomplish these things even if they're the last things she ever does.

Alice and Pete make an appearance right at the beginning, though I think Bobby wishes Alice hadn't. We also meet Russ, a new character that was on the bus with the group when it crashed. While Bobby may hate Alice, I find her to be fantastic comic relief (and potential Undead fodder if needed). Russ is a he-man, the perfect counter to Pete's brains. Together the group must escape from Xanthro compound to find Smitty.

The plot is action packed and fast paced. There is never a dull moment in Bobby's life. Lots of blood and gore also fill the pages along with great fight and flight scenes. Throughout everything, humor bubbles through making the reader laugh at the strangest times.

I recommend Unfed to everyone middle school and up, with the caveat for the younger readers: contains blood, gore, zombies, scary men in black, and a little colorful language, read at your own risk. If you like a fun action packed adventure, add Unfed to your to-read list.