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Review - My Sister's Reaper by Dorothy Dreyer

My Sister's Reaper (Reaper's Rite, #1) - Dorothy Dreyer

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Sister's Reaper is an enjoyable YA paranormal romance that's hard to put down once started. The story in interesting, but it's the characters that really make this novel memorable. I love stories about magic, especially when characters come into their powers. Add in an all-powerful, soul sucking reaper, and it just gets better.
Zadie is a sixteen year old that uses magic she didn't know she possessed to bring her sister out of a coma. Though her sister is alive, she is a shell of her former self. Zadie knows something is wrong, and is determined to help her. She enters a world she never knew existed. In keeping her secrets, she risks losing her best friend, her boyfriend, and ultimately her sister. Zadie is a rather whiny teen, but when push comes to shove, she steps up. She's committed to saving her sister from the reaper determined to have her sister's soul.
This novel contains quite a few secondary characters, all with interesting personalities. Gavin is Zadie's boyfriend, while I really liked him quite a bit, I wish he had been developed more. He's so supportive of Zadie after being with her for a short time, he's almost too good to be true. Best friend Naomi is a laugh riot. I'm not sure how Zadie stays sane with some of the stunts Naomi pulls. Then there's Chase, a mysterious new student who lives with the local witch. He creates a third of a potential love triangle with main character Zadie.
My favorite part of this novel is the characters and the dialogue. There's a good balance between dialogue and description, making for a fast, entertaining read. Even though the story has a satisfying ending, Dorothy Dreyer leaves it open enough to allow future novels with these characters. I wouldn't mind reading more about Zadie, Gavin, and Chase.
I recommend My Sister's Reaper to everyone high school and up that enjoys a fun paranormal romance. There's a bit of blood and gore, but it's relatively minor. If you like magic mixed with a bit of teenage angst and a splash of romance, add this one to your to-read list.