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Review - The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker

The Ghost Files (The Ghost Files (Book 1)) - Apryl Baker

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


The Ghost Files is a fast paced YA paranormal suspense that's virtually impossible to put down once started. From the very first paragraph I was hooked. The main characters, Mattie and Dan, are just fantastic. I was a bit sad when I reached the end of the novel since I was more than ready for another adventure with these two.

Mattie Hathaway ended up in the foster care system after her mother tried to kill her when she was five. On top of that trauma, her foster life was anything but easy. My heart bled for Mattie. She is such a tough, strong girl. Mattie has seen ghosts since she woke up in the hospital when she was five years old. She does a good job of ignoring them, until her foster sister shows up as a ghost. Mattie is determined to find her killer, even if it means risking herself to do it.

Twenty year old rookie Officer Dan takes Mattie's initial report on her foster sister's disappearance. Mattie opens up to him about the ghosts, and though skeptical, he still begins an investigation into the disappearance. Dan is an amazing guy. He's so supportive of Mattie, even when he has a hard time believing her story. It doesn't take long for Mattie to warm up to him.

I loved the interactions between Dan and Mattie, their conversations flowed so naturally. The dialogue between the two was witty and entertaining. Almost like listening to a brother and sister or old friends. The pacing of the mystery/suspense was well done, never a dull moment. I also enjoyed the paranormal, ghost hunting aspects of the story.

I highly recommend The Ghost Files to everyone high school and up that enjoys a great paranormal mystery. There were a few rather graphically violent scenes which depict not only blood and gore, but torture as well. These scenes were well written (while they didn't bother me, I could see some readers being affected by the torture) and add to the story. I can't wait to read more about Mattie and Dan!