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Review - Twisted by Kaycee R

Twisted (Volume 1) - KayCee R

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Twisted is a cute YA paranormal with a bit of mystery and a little romance. The story is told between the alternating perspectives of characters Cayden and Camilla. I enjoyed the chapters from Cayden's point of view a bit more than those from Camilla's. She's just not as essential to the story since all the mystery surrounds Cayden.
Cayden Rivers was adopted when he was an infant, and all he has from his birthparents is a pendant. When he develops supernatural speed and strength during puberty, he manages to keep it a secret from everyone, including his best friend Camilla. It's amazing really that he was able to keep the secret given the fact that he played sports. It's hard to believe he never lost control on the football field and snapped another player's neck.
The story centers on Cayden's road to discovering his past, and the reasons for his super powers. While there are some clues, a bit here and there, most of my questions were never answered. In that way, this book is more a prelude into a story than a complete story itself. There is a teaser for the next book at the end, so I guess more will be explained in the sequel. A slew of characters paraded through this novel, most never developed much at all, the exception being Camilla and Cayden. Sometimes I got a bit dizzy with the amount of jumping from scene to scene and week to week in the character's lives. On the other hand, that did make the story read faster and I was never mired down in unending descriptions.
I recommend Twisted  to everyone middle school and up that enjoys a light, fun paranormal. Just be aware that Cayden finds few answers by the end of the book, so you'll be left wanting the sequel just to figure out what's going on with the powers.