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Review - More Than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

More Than Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #2) - Kelly Oram

Being Jamie Baker is a fun urban sci-fi about a high school girl that survives a terrible car accident, only to emerge with frightening superpowers. In some ways it's a coming of age novel as Jamie learns not only how to live with her powers, but also how to trust again. It's a wonderful story, fast-paced and full of action.

It would be quite difficult for anyone reading this not to fall in love with Jamie. She deals with hiding her powers by never letting anyone close. She has no friends and is known in her school as the Ice Queen. When she kisses Ryan Miller so he can win a bet, her life begins to change. Eventually Jamie realizes that she can't live her life in fear and that she must take charge of her powers. Ryan Miller is truly sigh worthy. Handsome, laid back, star athlete, and overall nice guy. He is literally shocked by Jamie during the kiss and becomes determined to break through her icy exterior. Ms. Oram definitely has a knack for creating male romantic leads that are easy to swoon over.
The plot and the witty dialogue really drew me into the story. Jamie is sarcastic and strong, an overall great female protagonist. I read the entire book in one sitting because I just didn't want to put it down. The ending was sweet and satisfying, leaving me with that good book afterglow.
More Than Jamie Baker follows Jamie and Ryan to college in this sequel to Being Jamie Baker. Jamie doesn't save someone in an accident that occurs right in front of her. She has a hard time dealing with the guilt and Ryan helps her devise a rather amusing solution. Jamie makes a great superhero. Her interactions with everyone as her alter ego are hilarious.
As with the first novel, this one is full of fun dialogue, entertaining character interactions, and lots of action sequences. My main beef is the ending. But since I enjoyed every other aspect of this book, it still made my favorites list. I really hope there's a third installment to the Jamie Baker series in the works. Please Ms. Oram, don't leave it there...