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Review - A Sleep so Dark by Inara Scott

A Sleep So Dark - Inara Scott

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


A Sleep so Dark is a YA romantic suspense with some paranormal elements. I was definitely pulled in from the start by the blurb. I've always been somewhat fascinated by dreams. In the first few pages I developed an intense dislike for Dr. Gillman. He's a real piece of work. Overall this novel was quite suspenseful making it a quick read. Though it started a bit slow, halfway through it was very difficult to put down.

Main character Tandy was involved in a horrific accident that robbed her of her mother. Since then she has been plagued by nightmares so terrifying that she tries to avoid sleeping all together. As the story progressed and more was revealed about the accident and Tandy's relationship with her mother, it made my heart ache.
Romantic interest Cade is caught between a rock and a hard place. He knows his father is up to something shady, but he feels trapped and unable to do anything about it. It seemed like Cade wanted to believe his father's platitudes even though he knew in his heart they were lies. Cade has been hiding secrets from his father about his dream experiences. It was impossible to hold Cade's initial silence against him. He's simply too sweet and adorable. I don't blame Tandy one bit for falling for him.
The plot is engaging and interesting. It picks up to an intense frenzy about halfway through that pulls the reader along with the character's desperate attempt to uncover the truth. I enjoyed the dialogue, it read so naturally. The dreamscapes were graphic; it was so easy to picture the images haunting these teens. I wish the author had spent a bit more time on the dream research with Dr. Gillman. What was in the novel was fascinating and I would've liked a few more chapters that focused on it.
I highly recommend A Sleep so Dark to everyone high school and up that enjoys engaging romantic suspense. There are some rather gruesome dream images and a bit of coarse language, so the faint of heart should beware.