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Review - Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan

Impossibly Love (Volume 1) - Shane Morgan

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Impossibly Love is a feel-good, sweet New Adult contemporary romance that will make you laugh and cry. It's a fast-paced read that drew me in from the first chapter. Ms. Morgan created two very likeable characters, both broken by events in their lives; one determined to avoid love at all costs, and one wanting love desperately, but afraid of rejection.

Moya is hurting emotionally, having been abandoned by her father when she was a child. She refuses to open up to any male, fearing they will hurt her as well. She's attracted to Branden but terrified of him at the same time since he threatens to topple the carefully constructed wall she's built around herself.

Branden has been hurt by love. His story is a bit more tragic than Moya's, and my heart just went out to him. When he falls for Moya, he realizes he must reveal his secret to her, but he's afraid since his last girlfriend dumped him when she found out.

The story alternated between Moya's and Branden's point of view. I enjoyed the interactions between them, though at times I wanted to scream in frustration. They're both so afraid of being hurt, it's a wonder they even manage talking to each other. The story ends on a positive note, something I worried about as the story progressed. If anyone deserves to find comfort in each other, it's Branden and Moya.

I recommend Impossibly Love to everyone high school and up that enjoys a sweet romance. It's also a clean romance, limited to kissing and the mildest of bad language.