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Review - The Three Month Plan by Kimberley Patterson

The Three Month Plan - Kimberley Patterson

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Just from reading the blurb, you can tell that The Three Month Plan is just one big accident waiting to happen, LOL. Nothing good can come of this bet, so everyone please don't try this at home. However, I  must admit, it makes for a rather comical read as Kelly tries her best to seduce Jake into a relationship.

Poor, sweet Kelly is looking for a boyfriend, a meaningful, lasting relationship. So why on earth would she pick Jake?! It's so obvious that he's a player, definitely not worth Kelly's time. But the heart (libido) wants what the heart wants. Honestly, I think she was looking for something to take her mind off of her best friend, Brian, fully aware that nothing lasting could ever happen with Jake. Kelly is a good person: sweet, naïve, and somewhat innocent. I liked her quite a bit.
Brian has been Kelly's best friend for years. They both spend way too much time worrying about ruining their friendship if they reveal their feelings toward each other. Rather tragic if you ask me. You would think best friends would be better at expressing themselves to each other. Brian realizes his feelings for Kelly when she begins to pursue Jake. Jealous much? I couldn't help but like Brian, even though he handles some situations like an utter jackass.
Didn't like Jake. Enough said.
The Three Month Plan is a fast-paced, quick read. I enjoyed the character interactions, especially those between Kelly and her friend Michelle. The dialogue was cute and witty. I absolutely loved how Ms. Patterson ended the novel. It was truly adorable, funny, and sigh worthy. Yes, this novel can be predictable at times, but it is still fun to read.
I recommend The Three Month Plan to everyone high school and up that enjoys a fun contemporary romance that is both sweet and at times hilarious.