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Persephone - Kaitlin Bevis Daughter of the Earth and Sky - Kaitlin Bevis The Iron Queen - Kaitlin Bevis

Review - Daughters of Zeus series by Kaitlin Bevis

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


My name is Kimber Leigh and I'm a mythology addict. Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic; doesn't really matter, I love it all. My favorite pair has always been Hades and Persephone. It irks me that Hades tends to be portrayed as a villain. Perhaps this is part of the reason I like this series so much. Far and away, my favorite of the three books is the first, Persephone. I reviewed it a couple months ago, you can find my review Here.

Persephone is an amazingly strong and intelligent girl. Her inner strength was apparent in the first book but really shone through in the second, and to survive what she endured in the third is awe inspiring. Because her mother, Demeter, raised her as a human, Persephone has a very hard time adjusting to her godhood.

I love the way Ms. Bevis portrays Hades, probably because it's the way I've always pictured him. Devastatingly handsome, strong, ruthless yet caring. Doesn't really matter that he's millennia too old for the seventeen year old goddess. His relationship with Persephone is intense from the start. As much as he wishes otherwise, the guy is hooked on the goddess of spring.

Daughter of the Earth and Sky is a dark tale as Persephone struggles to deal with her entire life crashing down around her. She is tortured both mentally and physically by Thanatos and his reapers. Her priestess, Melissa, decides to alienate herself, leaving Persephone alone. I enjoyed it, even though it was so much darker than Persephone.

The Iron Queen is an interesting sequel. Unlike the first two, this one is told from three major points of view: Persephone, Hades, and Aphrodite. Normally I like the changes in view, but sometimes it changed so rapidly that it was rather disjointed. I did like the way the ending, while giving the reader closure, still left the door open for more.

I highly recommend The Daughters of Zeus series to everyone high school and up that enjoys a fast-paced, intriguing paranormal romance with engaging characters. If you like mythology then this is definitely the series for you.