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Review - Keep You From Harm by Debra Doxer

Keep You from Harm - Debra Doxer

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Keep You From Harm straddles the line between mature YA and New Adult. It's classified as paranormal, but it's really more like a contemporary romance with a paranormal element. This novel boasts a cliffhanger ending, so you'll have to wait to find out just what happens.

Raielle is an easy character to feel sympathy for. Her life has been crap, but she's doing everything in her power to make something of herself. I liked her quite a lot. She's blessed (or cursed) with the power to heal- hence the paranormal aspect of the story. When her mother is murdered, she moves across the country to live with a brother she didn't know existed. Even with all the upheaval, Raielle is still sweet and kind. She blew me away with her self-reliance and intelligence sometimes.

Romantic interest Lucas is dark and brooding. He doesn't express himself well, leaving Raielle thinking he hates her at first. Their relationship is tumultuous since both have secrets they're hiding from the other. Raielle and Lucas make a great couple and I loved their scenes together. When Lucas learns her secret, he's supportive and caring. His desire to love and protect her make him truly swoon worthy.

I loved the first 75% of this story. It's a fast-paced read that builds suspense making it almost impossible to put down once started. It did lag a bit in the middle, but that didn't last too long. My main complaint is that I didn't like the direction it went toward the end. That's just personal choice; I'm sure many readers would like the conflict and angst. I also wasn't pleased with a cliffhanger ending. Since I felt invested in Raielle and Lucas, I really wanted to know what happens. Will I read the next book? Absolutely. I'm dying to find out what happens!

I recommend Keep You From Harm to everyone 17+ that enjoys a good romance with a touch of the paranormal. Because this book is Upper YA, there are some sexual situations and coarse language (akin to an R rated movie, hence the 17+ rating).