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Forsaken (Daughters of the Sea Trilogy #1) - Kristen Day Awaken (Daughters of the Sea Trilogy #2) - Kristen Day Chosen (Daughters of the Sea Series) - Kristen Day

Review - Daughters of the Sea series by Kristen Day

*I received these books from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Ms. Day has woven together a wonderful combination of endearing characters and intriguing plotlines to create The Daughters of the Sea, a five book series that will wrap up with the final book expected to be released in 2014. These are not standalone novels and should be read in order since each continues where the last left off.

I love mythology, and was drawn to the plot like a moth to flame. I guess it makes sense that they'd need an entire school to handle the offspring of the Nereids. Those sea nymphs always had a reputation of being a tad promiscuous. I also found it interesting that the offspring of Charon attended the school. For some reason I didn't think he'd find much time to...well, you know.

This series is driven by the characters. There are so many intriguing people in these books. Of course I loved main character Stasia. She was amazing in so many ways. I loved tagging along as she discovered and tried to master all of her many powers. Romantic interest Finn is that dark, brooding, secret keeping kind of guy. He'd do anything for Stasia, except reveal secrets that she probably should know. As far as secondary characters go, I really liked Carmen and Olivia. Both had strong personalities that made them stand out from the others. I'd also like to give a nod to Sebastian from book 4. His pursuit of Olivia was quite fun to read.

The novels were full of twists and turns, mystery and suspense. Awaken, book 2 in the series was definitely the darkest of the lot. Chosen, book 3, ended in a way that left me reeling. For some reason, I was expecting Hearken to be the final book in the series when I started it. Though, after finishing these four books, I'm not ready to part ways with Stasia and Finn yet, so I'm glad there will be another book.

There are some mild sexual situations and a bit of mature language, but nothing that would keep me from recommending this series to mature teen readers. If you like mythology based urban fantasy with a sweeping romance and amazing characters, be sure to add Forsaken, Awaken, Chosen & Hearken to your to-read list.