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Review - Ruby Hill by Sarah Ballance

Ruby Hill - Sarah Ballance

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Ruby Hill is a short novella featuring a spooky ghost story along with two characters reconnecting after a traumatic death tore them apart. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a quick read, no long term commitments, no waiting for book two, no cliffhanger ending. I enjoyed the fact that I could read this story in under an hour without stopping.

Main characters Corbin and Ashley had a major falling out after Corbin blamed her for his brother's mysterious death in the Ruby Hill asylum. It's one of those old asylums that shut down in the eighties and is now frequented by ghost hunters and kids looking for a thrill. Corbin's brother Cash died there during a ghost hunt with Ashley's paranormal team.

Six months later, there have been two murders within the crumbling building. The media is labeling a ghost as the killer, so Ashley's paranormal team agrees to set up equipment and investigate. Corbin is a cop saddled with the job to babysit the paranormal researchers. While exploring the dark asylum, Corbin and Ashley realize they still have feelings for each other. Corbin, a non-believer in the paranormal also learns that there might be more than logic can explain within the creepy walls.

It's an interesting plot line. My main complaint is that the story is just too short. I'm dying for more information on the history and the haunting. Basically the murders are solved, along with the motive behind the murders...but it's kind of left hanging. It's nice that Corbin and Ashley found each other again, but I think Ms. Balance could either add to this story or write a sequel that handles the ghost aspect. There's more story to be told at the Ruby Hill asylum.