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Review - The Field by Tracy Richardson

The Field - Tracy Richardson
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
The Field is an interesting YA read that's rather difficult to classify. It's part paranormal, part science. There's a bit of mystery and some romance. One thing I liked about this novel is that it's so different from other books I've read. Most YA authors don't explore science, much less physics. Some theoretical physics theories seem so fantastic, especially things like the universal consciousness (Ouch! Don't hit me, Sheldon Cooper!). In The Field we meet an esteemed physicist who is studying the universal consciousness, and one of his experiments is in remote viewing. How's that for mixing science and the paranormal?

Eric Horton is a soccer player with great athletic reflexes. At least he always thought they were reflexes until he meets Dr. Auberge. After participating in very successful remote viewing sessions, he begins to wonder if there's more to his instincts and dreams. Perhaps premonitions. The more Eric works with Dr. Auberge, the more he realizes that there may really be forces in nature that bind our consciousness together.

While I found the science in this book fascinating (I admit, I am a but of a science buff), there were times when I felt I was at a lecture rather than pleasure reading. There's an awful lot of information the author needed to communicate to the reader for the book to make sense. I'm not a huge fan of info dumping, even when the information is interesting. That said, I did enjoy the book. Eric and Renee's budding romance was sweet and the action scenes at the soccer games were well-written.

I recommend The Field to everyone high school and up that enjoys an interesting and different read. There's something for everyone in this novel: science, sports, angst, and romance.