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Review - Deep Green by Trisha Haddad

Deep Green - Trisha Haddad

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Christy's Review: We received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I read Deep Green in twelve hours. No really. Twelve hours.
This coming-of-age story follows Leah as she is forced to come out of her shell in a life or death situation. Leah discovers how strong she really is. The author addresses prejudice, abuse, and relationships with men in a way that makes it easy for the target audience to relate to. I enjoyed the references to classic literature and appreciate how the protagonist is intelligent and is okay with that. She prefers books to other activities. Her courage and spirit are uplifting.
The story begins on a cruise ship, which is taken over by a group of men and women with guns.  Musir tries to tell someone there is something going on, but speaking English is difficult for him, especially when he is upset.  He tries to tell Leah what he has seen, but she does not understand him.  She finds Blue McCree in the dining hall, and he comes to translate the Arabic for Musir.  Things explode in a fury of guns and screaming.  Musir grabs Leah and unceremoniously throws her overboard!  Luckily there is a lifeboat there to break her fall.  Gunmen try to stop them, but Musir is able to launch the lifeboat before they are stopped.  Leah falls hard upon launch and is knocked out cold.  She awakens to find that she is on board a lifeboat with four people she does not know.  Blue McCree is a talkative idealist and student in college. Musir is a quiet, intense young Arabic man, whose actions speak louder than his words.  Kent Carson is man, presumably to be in his fifties, who is a bit of a chovanist and makes Leah uncomfortable.  That leaves an unnamed woman who was injured badly when she jumped from the ship.  After several days the supplies on board are dwindling, and the group decides to seek land and sustenance.  What follows is an adventure, to say the least.  The differences in Blue and Musir, who are competing for Leah's affection, are obvious.  Leah must decide...does she choose the scholarly college student or does she choose the quiet young Arabic man. 

This is a beautiful story and is well written.  I was rooting for Leah and a particular boy all along.  I can't tell you who, that would spoil the fun!  As a teacher of middle grade students, I would encourage teenage girls to read this adventure. I might even read it again. :)