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Review: Dare to Breathe by M. Homer

Dare to Breathe - M. Homer

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Dare to Breathe is a story about two wounded hearts finding each other, and helping one another come to terms with a painful past in order to have a chance at a future together. From the very first page I felt such sympathy for main character Sam. To have so many debilitating nightmares and wonder if they're repressed memories must be awful. It doesn't help when her sleep problems turn off her first college roommate.

Moving in with Nathan and his friends is really the best thing that could have happened to Sam. Through them, she begins to learn what friendship should be. Sam gains the courage to explore her past, to confront the nightmare images in an attempt to overcome the powerful hold they have over her. Every single one of her nightmares made me cry. Ms. Homer does an amazing job making Sam such a strong character in spite of the horror she faced as a child.

Romantic interest Nathan has his own demons that he copes with on a daily basis. He's a womanizer, jumping from bed to bed, refusing to get emotionally involved with anyone. From the moment Sam moves in, she and Nathan are attracted to each other. Nathan's room is above Sam's, and from the very beginning he's been holding her after her nightmares. How could Sam not fall in love with the sexy guy providing such comfort.

I enjoyed Dare to Breathe. The romance between Sam and Nathan is really sweet. This novel contains sexual situations and mature content and is suitable for ages 18+.