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Dahlia  - Christina Channelle Fallen Tears: A Blood Crave Novella - Christina Channelle

Review: Dahlia by Christina Channelle

 I received these books from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Dahlia is book one in The Blood Crave Series. This series has something for everyone: fallen angels, vampire-like beings, familiars, and of course humans oblivious to the magical chaos surrounding them. Main character Dahlia, has been in an orphanage or foster care since she was five and has no memories of her life prior to that. When she moves in with a new foster family, her dreams for a normal life fly out the window.

The novel opens with Dahlia and her rather creepy memories as a child. She knew she wasn't normal, and everyone around her sensed her strangeness, so of course the poor girl never fit in anywhere. I'm not sure if finally finding out the reason why helped her or made everything harder. Dahlia doesn't know who to trust, and neither does the reader as we navigate the story. It would be hard not to have sympathy for Dahlia. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to know you were different from everyone else and not know why.

Since this is a first book in a series, there is quite a lot of world building, which hits about halfway through in the form of a major info dump. It's easy for the reader to understand Dahlia's confusion since we receive the information at the same time she does. The second half of the novel is one revelation after another. It was enough to make my head spin, but it also made for some rather exciting reading. Even with the massive amount of information during the last half of the story, there's still so much left to the imagination. I'm sure many answers will be presented in the later books.

At the very end, the reader is told that the bad guys (not sure at this point if they are bad or merely bad for Dahlia's health) are now looking for Rowan. Fortunately for us, we can learn much more about Rowan and why the baddies are after her in the novella Fallen Tears. This story takes place between Dahlia and book two Rowan, and gives some background about Rowan and her life story.

I found the plot line of Dahlia to be rather intriguing, and I do like the fallen angel aspect. Being a first book, prepare for a cliffhanger at the end, and of course to have more questions than answers. If you like urban fantasy/paranormal, consider adding The Blood Crave Series to your TBR list. I recommend it to ages 15+ due to graphic violence and mature content.