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Review: The Tech War by Ann Denton

The Tech War (Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey #2) - Ann Denton

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

As I mentioned earlier, this is book 2 and is not a standalone novel. If you read this without reading The Quadrant War you will be lost. I loved book 1 - you can find my review Here . The Tech War doesn't suffer from second book syndrome at all; I enjoyed it every bit as much as book 1. It's great because we already know the characters so we're thrown into the action immediately.

Kiah and Ryker have set their sights on the Eastern Quadrant and the threat posed by psychotic Marcus Dunner. Unfortunately for Kiah, Marcus turns out to be a much bigger threat than she ever thought possible. There's still plenty of romance between Kiah and Ryker, though sometimes I think they spend too much time trying to protect one another instead of working together. It's really rather sweet though; they make a very cute couple.

The Tech War is nonstop action. Once I started reading, I never reached a good point to stop, so I just read straight through. One thing I really enjoy about Ann Denton's books are the character interactions. Though there are multiple characters, each one has a distinct personality that really shines through. I also love the positive nature of the novels. So many dystopians are just downright depressing. Even though The New Freedom Fighters are in a war, Ms. Denton focuses more on the positive scenes and emotions. Sure people die, it is a war after all, but the overall story is one of hope not despair.

The ending blew me away. Talk about an intriguing twist! I can't wait to read Kiah's next adventure! I highly recommend The Tech War to everyone high school and up (it is also appropriate for precocious middle schoolers - I'm passing this along to my thirteen year old son). There are battles, some gore, some psychological warfare/trauma, so keep that in mind for younger readers.