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Review: Alchemy

Alchemy - Sheena Boekweg, Melanie Crouse, Sabrina West

I received this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Interesting thing about Alchemy...what I thought I'd dislike the most turned out to be the best part. This novel has three authors. The story is told from three different characters' POV, each author writing a different character. What I was worried would be incongruous, was in actuality intriguing. The three writing styles mesh so well, their voices so similar. I was pleasantly surprised.

This story follows three characters sent to the Chebeague school for newly infected mages. Sam, Ana, and Juliette all have different and interesting stories. The chapters alternate between these three characters as they learn and adjust to their new situation. I loved the fact that all three had unique and individual voices. In a way, it was almost like reading three novels pooled (rather seamlessly) into one.

The plot is interesting. Magic is a virus; individuals become infected when directly exposed to it. In some people it causes madness. The young infected are taken to a school to learn to control their new abilities. These authors do an amazing job explaining and describing this unusual world. I loved the vivid imagery that flowed throughout the story. So many scenes just seemed to leap off the pages and into the mind's eye.

I recommend Alchemy for everyone high school and up that enjoys an unusual paranormal romance. The characters are fun, the plot interesting. They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but in this case three authors were better than one, creating a unique story with three great characters.