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Review: The Souls of Rain by Diana Nixon

The Souls of Rain - Diana Nixon

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

I love books that feature guardian angels. It's just nice to think that there's someone watching over you in times of trouble. The Souls of Rain is about Claire, an experienced and talented guardian angel. This novel offers an intriguing look at Heaven politics and bureaucracy. Claire gets caught up in the middle of the Heaven's issues just when she receives a difficult new charge.

I liked Claire—she's intelligent, pushy and confident. She has a tendency to walk the line between acceptable angel behavior and actions that could lead to her banishment from Heaven. Claire's charges mean everything to her, and she'll do anything within her power to keep them safe. Even if it means breaking orders or rules she doesn't agree with. I really admire such loyalty, especially when her superiors aren't much help.

Claire's new charge, Alan, is an accident waiting to happen—quite literally I might add. She's terrified to let him out of her sight. Even injured, she's afraid he'll find some new death defying stunt to risk his life. Alan is deeply wounded, his soul in awful pain. If anyone needs a guardian angel, it's him, and he's lucky he ended up with Claire.

The Souls of Rain is an intriguing story with fun characters. The ending, or lack thereof, leaves the reader hanging. But that's expected since it's book one in a trilogy. I recommend this paranormal romance to ages 17+. If you like stories about guardian angels, I think you'll enjoy it.