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Review: Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa A. Petreshock

Fire of Stars and Dragons - Melissa Petreshock
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review
Fire of Stars and Dragons has everything I love in a book: dragons, fae, demigods. It also has vampires which I don't care about either way. This is such an intriguing premise-- part dystopian, part parnormal, and so much romance a reader could drown in it. What woman hasn't dreamed of finding herself in a love quadrangle with three supernatural alpha males?
The story takes place far in the future in an America ruled by a sovereign vampire. We're told women are treated more like they were in the middle ages-- as property versus people. It's odd though. Main character Cait was in college, so I guess schooling wasn't only reserved for males. Her professor is a woman, so I guess they can still have careers. The very thing I liked most about the world is what I found the most confusing-- the setting.

Cait is a spitfire human raised by a vampire in this male dominated society. She accepts her fate with aplomb because it's her best option. I guess I never really connected with her, didn't understand her motives. Ultimately I thought the world building fell a bit flat, and that made it difficult for me to relate to Cait and her plight. The men always seemed amused by her sass and snark. Cait has no problem speaking her mind even though she isn't supposed to. There also seemed to be a lack of female characters. I was beginning to wonder if females had mostly died out or something.
So Cait has seven days to choose a husband from three men. Oh, and she's looking for romantic, "hearts and flowers" love. Seven days? The jealousy between the three men gets old quickly, as does Cait trying to reassure them and others trying to interfere. To me, there's no choice and really never was one. Take the sexy dragon who's already bound to you and run. Fast. Granted Theo annoyed me quite a bit at times, but still, he's bound to Cait in some metaphysical dragon way.
The point of view switches between Corrin, Theo, and Cait which was interesting at times and aggravating at others. Sometimes it switched so quickly, I had to look back a page to make sure who's mind I was in. One of the most pleasurable things about this novel was the secondary characters. Though keeping track of everyone was a bit challenging, the characters were a delight. Due to mature content, I recommend this novel for those ages 18+. All in all, I'm thinking I wouldn't mind a dragon of my own...