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Review: Moonless by Crystal Collier

Moonless - Crystal Collier

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

I would be hard-pressed to place this YA novel into a specific genre. Part historical, part paranormal with a sweeping romance, Moonless is quite different from most novels I've read recently. Set in 1768 England, the story follows Alexia through her discovery of both the paranormal and love. The overall feel of the novel is dark, gothic-like, and it encompasses the entire story.

Alexia is an intriguing character. For a supposedly well-bred lady, she was rather opinionated and independent. Personally I didn't think this was a bad thing since I hate wimpy heroines. Alexia is intelligent and curious, but she has been sheltered by her parents her entire life, leaving her a bit naive. One thing I didn't quite understand was her sudden change from average to beautiful, as well as the comment from her father that she was always beautiful.

When she meets romantic interest Kiren, she is confused by the strength of her attraction to him. Kiren was dark and brooding, mysterious and knowledgeable. He's one of those leading men who keeps secrets close and acts in the heroine's best interest without sharing his reasons. Kiren is deeply in love with Alexia, and much of the story focuses on their developing relationship. I like a lot of romance so this played well for me, but I can see some being turned off by Alexia's insta-love for Kiren. 

The author leaps right in, pulling the reader into this mysterious world. I loved the fast pace pulling me from chapter to chapter. There were times of confusion as things were slowly revealed and perhaps not in as much detail as I would've liked. I was left with questions, but considering that the author left things open for a sequel, I'm not surprised. I did like the ending, found it to be quite satisfying. If you like sweeping gothic love stories, consider adding Moonless to your TBR list.