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Review: Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton

Mary Hades - Sarah Dalton

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

I didn't read the Kindle single My Daylight Monsters before reading Mary Hades. It's not necessary to read it first, but I think it would give the reader more insight into Mary and her ghost buddy, Lacey. I'm definitely adding it to my TBR since I'm quite curious about the events that occurred prior to this book.

Overall I enjoyed Mary Hades. Mary and Lacey are both interesting characters. The pacing is quite good, making this one a page-turner. There are some fun secondary characters as well, who I wish had larger roles in the book. Ms. Dalton does a great job setting the scene for her paranormal story. The descriptions of the Things that plague Mary and the ghosts are quite vivid.

Things haven't been easy for Mary. She spent time in a mental ward due to her ability to see ghosts. Medications were forced on her, which she refuses to take since she knows she's not crazy. She's also dealing with the traumatic aftermath of the death of her best-friend and being burned in a fire at the mental hospital. It would be almost impossible not to feel for her.

I didn't quite buy into the romance between Seth and Mary. They seemed so into each other, and yet not. Mary is quick to believe in Seth after only knowing him a couple days. She trusts her heart, and seems to have an extrasensory ability to see whether people are good or not. While I didn't fall in love with Seth's character, I feel lots of sympathy for him.

This book didn't scare me, won't make me lose sleep or be afraid of a dark room. However, it might disturb some. It's full of murder and death, along with graphic descriptions of insane ghosts. It definitely falls on the darker side of the paranormal.