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Review: Shadows Fall Away by Kit Forbes

Shadows Fall Away - Kit Forbes

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review


It's no secret-- I love reading about serial killers, especially Jack the Ripper. I love the conspiracy shows that try to figure out the murderer using modern forensics. They are all intriguing, yet I have to say, I think I like Ms. Forbes' take the best. Can't tell you, read it for yourself.


The story is told in first person from several different POVs. While I liked having the different viewpoints, it was a tad overdone in this story. There were times when it made the story so fragmented that it didn't flow smoothly. I really liked Genie and Agatha quite a bit... still on the fence about Mark. There were lots of things I liked about him, yet he grated on my nerves at times.


The plot is fun and interesting, well I mean the time-travel aspect is fun-- not the murders. Modern day Mark is struck by lightning and winds up in Victorian England right as the Ripper murders start. I loved the scenes from Genie's point of view. She is a spitfire in a time when women were seen and not heard. A sweet romance of sorts develops between Mark and Genie who actually make a very cute couple.


The ending was abrupt, so abrupt in fact that I wondered if my ARC was complete. Overall, I enjoyed this story, following along as Mark tried to solve the murders and Genie tried to help the prostitutes of Whitechapel. If you enjoy YA time-travel mysteries, I think you'll like this fast-paced novel.