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Review: Inevitable Detour by S.R. Grey

Inevitable Detour (Inevitability Book 1) - S.R. Grey
 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review
Inevitable Detour is a romantic suspense with lots of mystery as well as many twists and turns. The suspense will keep you turning the pages, if not racing through to find out what happens next. Main character Essa is a very sheltered student who just finished her third year of college. She's held down by overbearing parents who seem to make every decision for her.

When Essa's roommate, Haven, disappears, Essa knows she was kidnapped, though the police think she's crazy. She departs on a cross-country adventure with Haven's brother Farren to find her (against her parents' wishes). I never really connected with Essa--she's all over the place with her emotions. Frankly she annoyed me at times. Her interactions with Haven were strange... Essa was a completely different person around her than in school and with her parents. In the beginning, her big act of defiance against her parents was answering a question wrong on her final even though she knew the correct answer. Then later that night she puts on a show at a local bar with Haven, becoming the main attraction.

It was really hard not to love Farren, even though I don't usually like the alpha male who keeps secrets from the heroine (one of my pet peeves). At least he's honest about it. Given his background with the special forces, it's really not surprising. Farren is all kinds of sexy, he even paid for his sister's college education. His feelings for Haven make him human, and his secretive job makes him mysterious.

While the plot captured my interest, I wouldn't call it fast-paced. I don't like a lot of extraneous descriptions, and this novel was full of them. There were times when I felt mired and began skimming to get to the next scene. The romance between Essa and Farren was sweet and developed at a swift pace. If you like romantic suspense with an intriguing mystery and a swoon-worthy hero, check out Inevitable Detour.