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Review: Shadows on Snow by Starla Huchton

Shadows on Snow: A Flipped Fairy Tale (Flipped Fairy Tales) - Starla Huchton, Jennifer Melzer

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review


Let me start off by saying that Ms. Huchton just has a way with creating memorable characters-- the kind that stick with you long after the novel is over. The last book I read by her was in an entirely different genre. I am blown away by her ability to capture the heart of each genre so well. Shadows on Snow is a gender-flipped fairy tale based on Snow White. In this tale, Snow White is a prince named Leo, and the hero is a girl named Rae.


Rae was just amazing. The trials and tribulations she was willing to endure to fight for what she believed in were impressive. She had not led an easy life in any way, shape, or form-- yet instead of wallowing in misery, she pushed forward, trying to help others and defeat evil. Leo was the embodiment of goodness and light--strong and kind, though rather weak against magic of any kind. Rae became his protector in his hour of need, and that man really needed her.


The story is full of intrigue, magic, suspense, and romance. I loved the rich descriptions which drew me so far into the story that I lost track of time. The characters were great, though I wish we had seen a bit more of the villain. He wasn't in it much which made the final battle rather anticlimactic. I thought the novel started on the slow side, and I had a tough time getting into it until about 1/4 of the way through. After that, the pacing picked up, sucking me in.


If you haven't read anything by Ms. Huchton, I highly suggest you give one of her books a try. So far I've really enjoyed everything I've read.