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Review: Rite of Rejection by Sarah Negovetich

Rite of Rejection - Sarah Negovetich

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

I featured Rite of Rejection in a cover/chapter reveal at the beginning of November. While dystopian is not my go to genre, I just had to read this book after reading Chapter One. Beautifully written with a great main character, Rite of Rejection did not disappoint. Frankly, this novel had the best first chapter that I've read in a long time. I was sucked in from page one.

Ms. Negovetich does an amazing job with main character Rebecca. We are thrown into her life at a major turning point. It didn't take many pages for me to develop feelings for this character. While I enjoyed all of the characters in the story, none were quite as developed as Rebecca. There are so many stories about these interesting people waiting to be told, hopefully in future books. I really wanted a bit more about the main secondary characters, especially Daniel and Eric. Eric was an enigma whose actions I had trouble understanding.

The first third to half of the book is amazing-- can't put it down even if I had to amazing. It slowed a bit at the halfway point before picking up again toward the end. It's rather interesting in that the first portion of the book takes place over a few days, while the later part over a few months. Sometimes I felt like things were a bit rushed in the second half. There were many instances when I was left wanting more: detail, explanation, just more.

The imagery in this novel is very well written. I swear there were times I could smell and taste the stink of the PIT. The ending was intriguing. While some would call it a cliffhanger, it still satisfied my need for some resolution. I'm not sure if the author planned this as a series or not, but the ending can serve either purpose. Personally I would devour more and gladly. I have a mountain of questions in need of answers. I highly recommend Rite of Rejection to everyone, even those who think they don't like dystopian. This novel might just change your mind.