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Review: Atlantis Rising by Gloria Craw

Atlantis Rising - Gloria Craw

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Atlantis Rising was a cute YA urban fantasy with fun characters and an interesting plot. Ever wonder what happened to the inhabitants of the legendary island Atlantis? Ms. Craw offers an intriguing take on old mythology.


Main character Alison knew she was different and one day found out from a random stranger just why. She was a Child of Atlantis, and a powerful man was after her rare power. Due to this short encounter, she resigned herself to become a recluse in order to protect her family. I admired her loyalty, though I thought she was a tad gullible to believe a complete stranger. It was also strange that she didn't seem to do any research or attempt to find more information after such a drastic revelation.


Enter cousins Ian and Brandy. Great characters by the way-- they lit up pages whenever they were present. Ian made a good romantic interest, sweet and kind, plus he didn't keep Alison in the dark. The novel started out a tad slow in the first chapter, but picked up soon after. Be prepared for lots of backstory and explanation, mostly told through dialogue, since Alison has no knowledge of her ancestry.


Though I enjoyed the characters and the novel overall, parts of the story fell a bit short for me. Even with the long dialogue explanations, too many questions about the Children of Atlantis remained. That aside, if you like mythology-based urban fantasy with a sweet romance, I think you'll enjoy Atlantis Rising.