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Review: Ruby's Letters by Maggie Van Well

Ruby's Letters - Maggie Van Well

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Ruby's Letters is a fun paranormal romance featuring some feisty ghosts and a century old mystery. Forget skeletons in the closet, main character Emma finds a real skeleton in a brick fireplace. The find sparks a ghost hunt, as well as a second chance at love.

I really liked Emma's relationship with her ex-husband Jared. So many exes are written as embittered, so it was nice to see two who were still supportive and got along. While Emma was a sweet and loving character, I found her to be a tad bland. Romantic interest Ryan was seriously wounded. After surviving a hellacious ordeal, he suffers from panic attacks and nightmares. He definitely brought out the nurturer in Emma.

Emma's employees, Bart and Carlos, were delightfully written. They never failed to make me laugh. I also loved Emma's neighbor Sheila-- she had an eccentric personality that really shone through. The first third of the book was fast-paced and interesting, but things slowed down a bit after that. While I enjoyed the mystery and the character interactions, something was missing. I always felt on the outside looking in, if that makes any sense.

Overall, I enjoyed Ruby's Letters. It's a fun read with a sweet romance between two characters who really need each other. I liked the interaction between the ghosts-- it was interesting to see the world from their points of view.