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Review: City in Embers by Stacey Marie Brown

City In Embers - Stacey Marie Brown
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review
City in Embers is an action-packed urban fantasy featuring lots of fascinating magical creatures and an addicting plot. Zoey is a kick-ass heroine with a traumatic past, coupled with an uncommon ability to see fae when most humans can't. Add in an adorable half-sprite/half monkey sidekick and you have the makings of a fun read.
The beginning of the novel was almost overwhelming. So much information so quickly, like massive info-dump. Whew-- it was rather exhausting. Once I was past this rocky start, things settled down into a better pace. The story was so interesting: the DMG, fae existing among humans, government experiments, and most of all Ryker.
What can I say about Ryker? He was the total alpha male-- you know the kind you hate at first due to his masculine nonsense but come to love by the end. The romance between Ryker and Zoey was hot and progressed over time. Considering they started off on opposite sides, the slower progression was needed to be believable.
I enjoyed the intriguing fantasy world created by Ms. Brown-- our world yet so very different. Nonstop action and unfolding secrets kept the pages turning. There were times when I found Zoey's backstory to be a tad draining... let's just say she had a rough life. Thank goodness there was the little sidekick to lighten the mood.
If you're an urban fantasy fan, especially one of fae stories, then I think you'll enjoy City in Embers.