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Review: Soul Crossed by Lisa Gail Green

Soul Crossed (Of Demons and Angels Book 1) - Lisa Gail Green

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review


Soul Crossed is a fast-paced, urban fantasy with fun characters and a sweet, if not impossible, romance. I'm beginning to doubt my overall worthiness, since I related much more to new demon Josh than to new angel Grace. I enjoyed the scenes from Josh's POV so much more than Grace's. Maybe Josh was just more interesting... at least that's my hope. I hate to think that my immortal soul could be in danger for siding with a demon.


Told from alternating POV between Josh and Grace, the story flowed quite well, and quickly (which I always appreciate). There were some head-scratching moments: like why new angel Grace would be assigned to someone so close to becoming the next Anti-Christ... and similarly why Lucifer would assign new demon Josh to push this potential Anti-Christ over the edge. Personally I'd send someone with more training.


Despite little issues, I found the story endearing, including the star-crossed romance. Now Cam, the potential Anti-Christ, was an intriguing character- I really enjoyed how his story unfolded. Of course, I didn't really see the potential for good in Cam as he was presented in a young pre-serial-killer light. Let's just say that Grace really had her work cut out for her. There were some intriguing plot twists which I found quite satisfying, and the romance between Josh and Grace was rather cute.


If you like angel/demon, good vs evit stories, then I think you'll enjoy Soul Crossed. One caveat- there are some violent and disturbing scenes (think young serial killer with small animals). If you can't bear to read about that, then skip this book.