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Review: Gathering Frost by Kaitlyn Davis

Gathering Frost (Once Upon A Curse Book 1) - Kaitlyn Davis

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

I don't think I've ever read a dystopian/fairy tale crossover, but it is a rather intriguing idea. Gathering Frost is part fantasy and part dystopian with a heart-warming (yes, pun intended) romance. The blurb calls it a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, but it seems more of a mash of several different fairy tales. I liked the way the story began, with the earthquake in New York and the emergence of the ice queen's realm. Little Jade was angry at herself for crying-- little did she know the queen would rob her of emotions.

Jade was a great character. Even emotionless, there was just something special about her. She was the only female in the queen's guard, and the queen herself took a special interest in her. Jade knew she was the bad guy, but due to her emotionless state, she didn't really care. And yet, that never quite seemed true. I appreciated Jade's strength both physically and mentally... it's just not something I've been seeing enough of in YA.

Prince Asher was a joy-- witty and charming, warm and caring. It was hard to believe he was really the queen's son. The interactions between Jade and Asher were by far the best part of the story. I found the world created by Ms. Davis intriguing and quite imaginative as well. Just because the story is based on a fairy tale, don't assume you know what's going to happen. Lots of twists and turns kept the story interesting.

I admit, I love fairy tale retellings, and Gathering Frost was quite enjoyable. If you like fantasy with an urban/dystopian twist, lots of action, and fun characters, then I think you'll enjoy this novel.