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Review: Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown

Breath of Scandal - Sandra Brown

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Breath of Scandal is one heck of a gut-wrenching story. Definitely not one you want to take on vacation or to the local pool. Also be sure to have tissues on hand-- if you're anything like me, you'll need them. Thank goodness this story had an uplifting side to it, because after reading about what happened to Jade in Palmetto, it was sorely needed.

Jade was an amazing character. After her rape by three well-to-do local boys, she was shunned, disbelieved, and left pregnant. Yep, basically run out of town. She made a promise to herself that one day, those responsible would pay. After becoming a successful business woman, she decided to hit those responsible financially.

I really liked the characters, both the protags and the villains. Those good-old-boys in Palmetto made my blood boil. The scenes between Jade and romantic interest Dillon were hot and spicy-- I really enjoyed them because Jade was finally finding happiness with a man. Fast-paced and full of intrigue, the novel was really hard to put down.

My only caveat: I wasn't kidding when I said the story was gut-wrenching. I really felt for Jade, which is a testament to great character development. But it made me heart-sick at times, and I could see some readers finding the subject matter disturbing.