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Review: Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon A Time: Fairytale, Folklore, & Myth. Reimagined & Remastered. - Joshua Allen Mercier, Joshua Allen Mercier, Luke Spooner, Kenechi Udogu, S.M. Blooding, Jax Goss, Brian Rathbone, Rick Chiantaretto, Liz DeJesus, Alethea Kontis, Richard Chizmar

I received this book from the editor in exchange for an honest review


I'm going to start by saying WOW. Not since Brothers' Grimm have I been so entranced with a collection of short stories. What made this anthology fantastic was the imagination and creativity that went into each individual story. These authors weren't just hacking up old stories and regurgitating them. The stories in Twice Upon a Time were unique and compelling -- all of them. The stories range from modern to fantasy to sci-fi, and each one captured my interest.


This is also not some short anthology thrown together. It featured so many stories, I couldn't even begin to offer individual reviews of each one-- I'd be here all night. If you like fairy tales, then Twice Upon a Time is a must-read! One note though-- this anthology is not for the faint of heart, for some stories are dark, some are gory, and some are twisted. And I loved every minute of it.