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For All to See by Megan Mitcham

For All to See (Bureau #1) - Megan Mitcham

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

For All to See is a romantic suspense that takes place on the lovely Caribbean island of Tortola. Descriptions of the scenery alone are enough to draw the reader into the story. Add in a despicable killer and two scarred individuals and it makes for a compelling read.

Madelyn suffered not only physical but mental abuse to the point that she no longer trusts anyone. Honestly I was blown away with how quickly she opened up to romantic interest Nathan. Her story was heart-breaking, so was Nathan's-- but to a lesser degree. These two seemed destined to be together, and there was definite heat from their first meeting.

The story centered around Nathan protecting Madelyn while trying to track down the serial killer. I wish there had been more focus on the investigation and less on the instant romance. The serial killer never felt like a huge looming threat because there just wasn't a whole lot of suspense leading up to his big reveal. But on the romance side, there were quite a few steamy scenes, perfect for a love affair in the tropics.

I enjoyed the shifting POV between Madelyn and Nathan. It's always interesting to be able to get into the thoughts of both characters, especially when a romance is blooming. While I did enjoy the story and liked the characters, I never really felt any suspense past a couple fleeting scenes. Overall, this novel read more like a romance and less like a suspense. So if you like romance with a touch of suspense, then I think you'll enjoy this novel.