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Deception by A.S. Fenichel

Deception (Demon Hunters) - A.S. Fenichel

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Regency paranormals are relatively new to me... I think I've read one or two others and I have to say- I really enjoy the genre. Regency London and paranormal just seem to mesh so well. Deception had a nice mix of an intriguing plot with enjoyable characters in a fast-paced read.


I loved Lillian. Plain and simple- she rocked. She was comfortable in her own skin, in her choices. Sure she was one tough cookie when it came to fighting demons, but she also had a softer side she was not afraid to display. Her kindness to people of all walks of life was refreshing. Lillian knew she was tough and didn't feel the need to prove it constantly.


It was rather hard not to fall for Dorian. He always seemed to say just the right thing at just the right time- sometimes to the point of being too good to be true. Sweet, strong, intelligent, and kind- he encompassed them all. The way he worshiped Lillian was rather adorable.


The plot was fast-paced and interesting. I always like being included in the research as well as the fighting and action sequences, so I enjoyed following along with the characters as they investigated. I never quite felt the romance between Lillian and Dorian. It was apparent in their words and actions, but the banter and the dance got old quicker than I'd have liked. It was strange- I mean I really liked the characters as individuals but together they ended up annoying me sometimes. This story had an ending of sorts. The author wrapped up the current story line while leaving room open for more to come.


You may notice that Deception is a book two in a series. I didn't read book one first, and I don't think it affected my enjoyment. Of course, I'm going to read book one now because Gabriel and Belinda seem like interesting characters.