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Review - Prophecy of the Female Warrior by K.A. Young

Prophecy Of The Female Warrior (The Nephilim Warrior Series Book 1) - K.A. Young

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


I love a good, kick-ass female protagonist, and Anna certainly fits the bill. Prophecy of the Female Warrior starts out quite sad, with the funeral for Anna's recently deceased husband. Little does she realize, his death is just the beginning of a remarkable journey she's about to undertake. For Anna is not quite who she thought she was, and the world is not quite as normal as she thought either.

Annabelle never felt like she belonged, not within her family, friends, or even the town. After her husband dies, a whole world is revealed to her, one that lies hidden from our normal everyday lives. Anna rises to the challenge, embracing her new destiny. She's a fun, fearless, witty character who doesn't back down from a fight. The overall change in her is utterly amazing. Even though the change occurs rather quickly, I still love the kick-ass character she becomes.

Eli is the Nephilim Warrior who reveals Anna's true heritage, and is the ultimate alpha male. While I normally don't like testosterone levels quite this high, he's counterbalanced quite well by Anna's refusal to back down from him. Their attraction to each other is immediate, scorching and undeniable.

The plot is very fast paced, making it hard to put the book down once started. I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters, especially some of the humorous things that popped from Anna's mouth. There are several secondary characters that really stand out, including Torch (from the excerpt above), Van (Eli's lecherous cousin), and Elise (Anna's new best friend among the Nephilim).

I really enjoyed Prophecy of the Female Warrior, and read it without stopping. If you enjoy paranormal romance with a good dose of humor, add this series to your to-read list.