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Review - Judging Covers by Kristen Beairsto

Judging Covers: A Novella - Kristen Beairsto

As soon as I read the synopsis and excerpt featured on my blog yesterday, I knew I'd be reading this book. The fact that Judging Covers is free on Kindle 10/7 & 10/8/13 just made it that much easier to add it to my list. I'm always up for a fun, lighthearted romp, and this novel didn't disappoint. It's a quick read, 206 pages, which amounts to only a couple hours for me so I read it in one sitting.

Frankly, I find main character Jules awe inspiring. Her parents died in an accident when she was twenty-one, and for the last five years she has worked her butt off supporting her five brothers and sisters. There is nothing Jules would not do for her family, which of course comes back to bite her. If anyone deserves a break, it's Jules.
That break comes in the form of Roman Price, who has recently returned home after an honorary discharge from the Navy due to an injury in Afghanistan. Roman is really too good to be true, but that works just fine for this lighthearted story. He falls for Jules immediately, and is more than happy to help with her siblings, as well as anything else she needs.
I enjoyed the interactions between the characters, especially between Jules and her siblings. There was just something so real about it. The plot is intriguing and lightning fast, no lulls whatsoever. The relationship between Roman and Jules progresses fast too, which is fine by me. I really liked the ending. It's sweet, wonderful, and just left me feeling good. This story is recommended ages 18+ due to sexual situations. If you enjoy lighthearted romantic suspense, add Judging Covers to your to-read list. I think you'll like Jules and Roman as much as I did.