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Review - Tomorrow by C.K. Kelly Martin

Tomorrow (Yesterday) - C.K. Kelly Martin

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Tomorrow is the sequel to Yesterday but can be read as a standalone novel. That said, I didn't read Yesterday and though it was quite easy to understand what was going on in Tomorrow, I can't help but feel I would have enjoyed it more had I read Yesterday first. For some reason, I was never really completely invested in the characters, and I think missing the first book is the reason.

Garren and Freya are from United North America in the year 2063. This world is nothing short of a nightmare: the streets are patrolled by robots, homeless are sent to live in robot controlled camps, and virtual reality has replaced reality in many a person's life. It was interesting to see Garren and Freya's take on 1986 after living in such a harsh time. There was one good thing in 2063, and that was tolerance of race, gender, and overall relationships. I enjoyed how the U.N.A. operatives were invading the past in an attempt to alter the future.

At the beginning, I liked the jump between past and present. There are two storylines here: present 2063 and past 1986 that converge together. But after a short time, the constant jumping between worlds became distracting, drawing me from the story. Author Martin did an amazing job in the depiction of the future world. The vivid descriptions really allowed me to visualize this dystopian future.

If you enjoy urban sci-fi, consider adding Tomorrow to your to-read list. This novel is suitable for high school and up. But I would recommend reading Yesterday first.