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Review - Soul Games Anthology

Soul Games - Carly Wallace;Monique O'Connor James;Leah D. W.;Jamie Dougherty;Sacha Hope;W. H. Nielson;Deborah Noel;Alexia Purdy;Nadege Richards

*I received this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review*


Soul Games is a YA anthology of paranormal short stories that are eerie, creepy, and just plain fun. My biggest complaint is that some of the stories are too short. They were so good I wanted more; some would have been more satisfying in novella form. Also, several of the stories were more like preludes to a novel rather than a completed short story.

It's been a long time since I've read short stories, and I forgot how satisfying they can be. I enjoyed every story in this book, some much more than others. There was one story I'd love to purchase if the author decided to elaborate into novel form.

I recommend this anthology to everyone high school and up that is looking for something different than the usual paranormal fare. There is some graphic violence and gore, as well as some minor sexual situations. I read this anthology in one sitting; I just couldn't help but move from one story to the next, eager for more.