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Review - Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan

Fractured Legacy (Darkness Bound) - Skye Callahan

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Fractured Legacy is a suspenseful paranormal mystery that drew me in from the very first scene and didn't let go until I snapped my Kindle closed at the end. Though it is listed as book 1 in a series, I'm happy to report this is a standalone novel with an actual ending, and a satisfying one at that. Yea! Ms. Callahan has combined two very intriguing characters with a great storyline to create a fast-paced supernatural tale.

Female protagonist, Kaylyn, has a sardonic appeal that I really enjoyed. Her antics constantly made me laugh, and I only laughed harder at her witty quips. Kaylyn is being pursued by a supernatural force that is affecting every aspect of her life. She finds herself seeking the help from her new boss, much to her dismay. While I loved Kaylyn, I didn't like her sister Cole very much. She was always so patronizing to Kaylyn, it drove me crazy.

New boss Jonah is one of the nicest guys I've run across in a long time. He's so willing to help Kaylyn through some crazy supernatural issues, even though she bad mouthed him and was all around nasty. Jonah has an interesting past that is hinted at, but he never reveals it to Kaylyn. Hopefully in the next book he'll reveal the events that led to his re-assignment.

I enjoyed the plot, following Kaylyn and Cole along on their supernatural investigations was fun. The interactions between Kaylyn and Jonah were amusing and entertaining. Ms. Callahan weaved remarkably vivid images that helped create the eerie environment of the story. I recommend Fractured Legacy to everyone 17+ that enjoys a creepy, yet fun paranormal story.