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Review - Reap by Christina Channelle

Reap - Christina Channelle

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Reap is a short YA paranormal novella that will be incredibly difficult to review without spoilers since the entire thing is one big mystery unraveling. It is a hauntingly heart-breaking tale of love and the lengths one will go to preserve it. By the end of Reap, I was sobbing. In fact tears are forming right now as I type this review.

The novella is divided into three sections. In part one, Mia awakens in a strange place, unable to speak, write, or remember who she is. Part two features Mia's regained memories of a tragic past. Then in part three the two prior sections are merged together for an emotionally charged ending.

I really enjoyed Reap, cared about the characters, especially Mia. My biggest complaint is that it's too short. I'm so curious to learn more about Dante, James, and Amy, as well as the strange world they live in. The ending was somewhat shocking. Normally I'm pretty good at anticipating where an author is leading me, but Ms. Channelle threw me for a loop. Since I enjoyed the story, I didn't like being left with so many questions about the characters. I guess I just wanted more.

I recommend Reap to everyone high school and up that enjoys a well written, haunting paranormal story. If you are anything like me, make sure there's a box of tissues on hand - you'll need them.