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Review - Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch

Daughter of Isis - Kelsey Ketch

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Daughter of Isis is a YA urban fantasy featuring a mysterious organization rooted in ancient Egyptian culture that has set up shop in the desert of California. It's somewhat ironic that Natti and her father leave England to escape the Egyptian artifacts that dominated the lives of her murdered grandmother and mother, only to end up in Setemple, CA dominated by the dangerous Sons of Set.

Natti is confused by her grandmother's murder and by the strange heirloom she left behind. Not only that, but some of the students at her new school have strange 'abilities'. She spends a lot of time running from Seth who has developed an intense interest in her. Though she's attracted to Seth, she tries desperately to avoid him due to his player reputation which she has witnessed with her own eyes. At home she works on a translation for the mysterious necklace left to her by her grandmother.

Seth is the son of the high priest for the Sons of Set. He has been groomed to one day take over from his father. He is blessed with a magical ability to charm everybody. Everybody except Natti, which fuels his interest in her. In this novel Seth is the one who goes through a big change as he realizes that what he has been taught his entire life doesn't mesh with his new feelings and views.

The plot is interesting, though, I do admit that I've always loved the ancient Egyptian culture. I loved Natti, and though I wanted to hate Seth (and did at the beginning), he managed to worm his way into my good graces by the end. The dialogue between Natti and her American friends was amusing at times, especially when she had to explain her idioms. The beginning and ending of the novel are fast-paced, but the middle drags just a bit.

I recommend Daughter of Isis to everyone 17+ that enjoys urban fantasy with a bit of romance. The content of this novel is not suitable for younger readers due to sexual situations. If you like ancient Egyptian culture, definitely add this one to your to-read list.